Present & Discuss your Architectural design in virtual reality.
No matter where you are.

Guided virtual reality experiences for effective communication and decision making.

Watch Video

Multiple viewers at different locations can experience the same design in real time.

They’ll see it the way you mean it, no matter where they are. ArqVR enables you to present your design immersively, and interact remotely with several participants at once, giving you the possibility to take your reviews to a whole new level.

Guide the experience, direct attention to where you want it, teleport your client anywhere. See what they see and help them see what you want to share.

Discuss your project immersed in it - with your team or client in real time regardless where they are. Record feedback, highlight and move objects, and leave interactive notes attached to them. Save time and get things done.

How it works

From a conceptual stage that enables you to assess the pros and cons of your design while you are still developing it, all the way to a completely finish space - and anything in between: ArqVR delivers you the level of execution and finishing that suits your project and your client’s needs.

We develop your VR experience from drawings, BIM or 3D models you already have through five simple steps:


1 Send us your project

Share the drawings, BIM or 3D models you already have - we work with practically every file used in Architecture and Design.

3Ds Max

2 Choose the devices

VR headset is required if you want an immersive experience but you can always share it on a desktop computer too.

Phone-based VR

You will be able to see 360º renders from any number of predefined points in your project.

Samsung Gear VR
Samsung Gear VR
Google Cardboard/Daydream
Google Cardboard / Daydream

Computer-based VR

With the latest laptops you can experience the real power of VR with full freedom of movement and interaction.

Oculus Rift
Oculus Rift
HTC Vive
HTC Vive

3 Choose the visual style

Sometimes you just need shapes and lights, but other times as close to reality as possible.

Conceptual render Conceptual render


No matter in what stage your project is, we can help you to decide with conceptual virtual reality visualisation.

Photorealistic render Photorealistic render


Once you have the final version of your project we achieve the highest possible visual level in lighting, materials and small details.


4 Choose the level of interactivity

You can interact with your project by walking around anywhere, highlighting elements, leaving notes and recording the meeting.

Standard Advanced
Included Move freely anywhere Included Included
Included Remote presentation feature Included Included
Included Daylight control Not Included Included
Included Visualise different versions Not Included Included
Included Modify colours Not Included Included
Included Modify materials Not Included Included

5 We deliver the project

We convert your design into a VR experience and you can freely download it from anywhere.

Virtual Reality

We will provide you with an interactive virtual reality experience that you can share with anyone.


Sometimes, it's easier without a headset. That's why we offer you an online version which you can access from a browser anywhere.

Additional Items

There are more options if you need aditional visualizations

  • Renders
  • 360° photos / videos
  • Tour video
Apartment Render

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) is a stunning new technology with the ability to transport you into an interactive world where you can build, enhance or modify at will. Experienced through special “glasses”, you’re instantly transported into the space of your choice; walking, watching, listening, interacting and learning.

ArqVR creates immersive virtual reality experiences to bring your architectural projects to life and allows you to present them remotely. It enhances collaboration by enabling multiple users to remotely participate in review sessions. The result is better designs, shorter timelines, and more effective process.

"A sense of presence is something that only VR can bring to the market, an experience that gives you a really strong sense of presence somewhere else."

Shuhei Yoshida,
President of Sony Computer Entertainment.


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